Located in the middle of nowhere, the salt pans of Kutch (Gujarat, India) have only saline water and no regular supplies. The farming months of October to March witness the salt farmers - the Agariyas, live by the salt pans. For these months the farmers visit their village homes once every fortnight to bathe and collect their supplies.mrigtishna is an attempt to see the salt farmer's life up close, to step beyond the mirage. The film was collaboratively funded by friends and family and the crew volunteered their service for the same.This film is an attempt to look at a seemingly bizarre lifestyle of a salt farmer based in Kutch, Gujarat, India but try and look at it without the awe of which the landscape creates. That is almost impossible but the fact is that Nathuram's life seems the most normal to himself and he doesNT give two thoughts about the pretty/craZy landscape that this area provides.The film was premiered in the International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2011, Kerala (organised by the Chalchitra Academy). The festival is to be held between 31st July & 4th August 2011.

the crew

concept, research, direction & editing
ujjwal utkarsh


{kanishka films} in association with
diviya jain
franziska schonenberger
hunny dastur
jaykrishnan subramanian
madhu ranjan
mamta gautam
sarita narayan
ujjwal utkarsh

director of photography
prahlad gopakumar

prahlad gopakumar
ujjwal utkarsh

sound mixing
mohandas v p

final colour correction & mastering
animesh sahay

editing guidance
gouri patwardhan

bharat parmar
pratik modi
jaykrishnan subramanian
graphic design
jaykrishnan subramanian

please ask me for the password for the full film, at: u@kanishka.co.in