a line which described the cone

ujjwal kanishka utkarsh

3/19/20191 min read

a line which described the cone



this was one of the most beautiful experiences on cinema for me ever. i keep talking about how cinema isn’t really about the image or sound or whatever, this piece proved me so.

it’s a line that defines the cone.

literally that's what it is, in the thirty minutes of the film, you experience the cone that is made. it happens on the smoke in between the projector and the screen, and you have to look at the projector light, not the screen. the image is just a by product, not even a by product -maybe just an excuse.

it is quite undescribable how beautiful it really was.

and i am not even going to attempt it.

This was apparently the first of the solid light films that he made.

Would be interesting to see the other.

but for me, right then, the screening just restores faith in cinema in a way.

in the power of the light and sound machine that is there.

the mysticism of it, the philosophy of it, so much can be talked about it.

but all will be reductive. one just needs to be inside that cone,

and words can’t do justice to it. and cinema can.

thanks Masha for taking me for it.

to Mark Webber for curating the show.

And, Anthony McCall for actually making the piece. thank you.