vikalpa (alternative)

okay, so this film here was to be made for kids (class 3rd to 5th) and to be revolving around waste management... an english version of the film has also been made with the same title : vikalpa. vikalpa just means an alternate.

synopsis: Raju is a toung boy who likes to play cricket. On being asked to dispose the garbage on his way to school, he throws it in the playground. Much to his dismay, this pile of garbage grows, his cricket ball gets lost in it & he gets late for school. What happens when he makes an alternative choice? How is his life & his neighbourhood affected when he throws the garbage in a bin instead of the playground?do let me know what you think of it...

cinematography - prahlad gopakumar
sound - asheesh pandya
animation - arpit bhargava
music - sebastian morawietz

hindi original
english version