Chalo Una is an intimate look at the remains of a protest. In August 2016, one of the largest dalit anti caste protest rally in recent history was organised. The 10 days rally marched from Ahmedabad to Una in solidarity with four people being flogged in Una. The film is an invitation to the audience to revisit and be with the protest rally. The film attempts to go away from a simplistic reductive narrative but rather presents various experiential and sensorial facets of the protest rally. The structure of the film is by itself inspired from the protest rally itself, and it retraces the steps of the rally in an attempt to look at and evoke the ghosts of the protest. Shot at high-speed the film allows us, as spectators, to enter into a different temporality, a time that is more contemplative, which allows for the seemingly small things to embody their true weight. Chalo Una is part of the filmmaker’s journey to understanding that the revolution is everyday.

chalo una

(come! let's march to una.)