Chalo Una (Come! Let's march to Una)
(94 minutes // hindi, gujarati, english//2022)
this film is aa attempt to evoke the ghosts of a 10 day anti caste Dalit protest rally that happened in Gujarat in 2016.

special service
(18 minutes//hindi, english, telugu)
a film revolving a candle light vigil for Rohith Vemula which was not allowed by the state.

away now
this observational piece is following a fictional unseen character as they take bus rides after bus rides after bus rides

the nothing series
a bit of nothingness

purna virama (the final stop)
(12 minutes//2008)
we observe a bus being broken down cold bloodedly

mrigtrishna (mirage)
(53 minutes// gujarati // 2012)
we observe a salt farmer and his family in Kutch, Gujarat.

kaggantu (the difficult knot)
(15 minutes//kannada// 2017)
Commissioned by the NGO CIVIDEP, this film revolves around the situation of the working conditions of the women workforce in the bangalore garments industry through two such workers.

vikalpa (alternative)
(12 minutes//hindi - english version // 2012)
Commissioned by TERI, this film made specifically for children is an attempt towards better/more responsible waste disposal.

antardvandva (dilemma)

antaraal (a pause)

some of the films are also available at my cifra profile